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National ‘N’ Diploma:  Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current)

The electrical engineer is involved in the design, manufacture, installation and management of various appliances and installations that generate or use electrical energy such as coal power stations where chemical energy is transformed to electrical energy, the use of solar cells and wind turbines for the generation of electrical energy, or transmission lines and substations that are used to distribute electrical energy for power, heating and lighting.  The electrical engineer tests and maintains electrical subsystems and systems, is involved in analysis and problem formulation, conducts research to improve the use of energy resources, designs and develops new components, or is responsible for managing projects.

Admission Requirements, Duration and Notes

All examinations are administered by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Admission requirements (N3-N4) or N4 Annually.
National Senior Certificate with English, Maths, Physical Science/Computer Science or N3 Certificate.

Admission requirements (N4-N5)
National Senior Certificate with English, Maths, Physical Science > 35% OR passed at least 2 N3 subjects and registered for the April rewrites OR Senior Certificate with Maths, Physical Science >35%.
Registering for this course will allow students to obtain credits to most University of Technology’s (UOT’s) by passing all the N4 and N5 subjects with at least 50% in each subject.

The duration is one year.

The requirements for obtain the National N Diploma: minimum 2 years theory + 2 years
in-service training.